The mission of the Greater Peoria Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is to grow commerce, community, and culture for Latinos in Greater Peoria.

The Greater Peoria Hispanic Chamber of Commerce presents its Gala. At our Gala we want to recognize the accomplishments of our business members and the work they do in our community.

Our members are investors in our community and oftentimes use their life savings to start or re-invest in their business. Member businesses are job creators and employ people from neighborhoods and throughout our city and region.

We comprise of members who are inspired and passionate to be successful. The role of the Chamber is to help them create a successful path and remove obstacles out of their way.

The goal is to raise funds so that our members can attend training or educational programs on How to Start a New Business and How to Grow and Scale an existing business.

We want to make sure all training material is available in both Spanish and English and this requires the aid of a translator.

All these great programs need help from volunteers and some paid administrative assistance.

When we do all these great things, we help our members live the American dream and we as a community reap the rewards as these businesses build our local economy.

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Gala Keynote Speaker

Jaime di Paulo,

CEO of Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

We are excited to have Jaime di Paulo be our guest speaker. Jaime is a strong leader and voice for thousands of Hispanic owned business owners every day in Illinois.

Jaime di Paulo is President & CEO of the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC), the leading Hispanic business networking, advocacy, and development organization in the Midwest. Under his leadership since 2019, the IHCC team intensified their commitment to assist the Latino business community, providing direct assistance and working closely in collaboration with all stakeholders.

As CEO, di Paulo has sought to multiply the networks with various Chambers of Commerce locally and nationally, working with them to bring resources to the small business community.

In 2020, IHCC created and helped retain 18,092 total jobs –a number that exceeded the 2019 figure by 42 times. Additionally, the IHCC’s assistance to small businesses to access financial resources increased by 315% from 2019 and total $88.1M to present date. This is the total dollar amount of contracts awarded, revenue growth, business loans from the Small Business Administration, private lenders, business grants, etc. This increase is mainly because of the IHCC team’s rapid response throughout its programs, including:

Illinois SBDC Illinois PTAC SBTRC

Illinois Tollway Technical Assistance Program

Cook County COVID-19: Small Business Assistance Program

Please see Jamie di Paulo’s social media for more information.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jdipaulo

Instagram: @jaime.dipaulo

Monthly Meetings

We meet in person each month. Dates and times are announced on our Facebook events page.

Business Assistance 4U

If you are seeking startup, financial, or technical assistance for your business, feel free to make a request and a member of our team will contact you.


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2022 Board

Jim Montelongo

Vice Chair
Christell Frausto

Secretary and Treasurer
John Lamb

Brooklyn Birchenall

Yenny Rodriguez

Alex Sierra


“Local business owners of any race or ethnicity are invited to attend the group’s meetings, where they can connect, collaborate and create diverse experiences for their customers. ‘I think the timing is right any time you have a group of people who want to organize and better themselves or their companies,’ notes Peoria City Councilman Jim Montelongo. ‘Peoria will benefit from the PHCC because they will create more jobs, sales tax revenue and cultural experiences.’” -Peoria Magazine, “Building a Chamber”

GPHCC is a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation registered with the State of Illinois.

According to the IRS, “[c]ontributions to section 501(c)(6) organizations are not deductible as charitable contributions on the donor’s federal income tax return” but “may be deductible as trade or business expenses” in certain circumstances. Consult your tax advisor for the proper classification of any specific contribution.

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